Monday, November 11, 2013

Polyvore Goodies

Here are some photos of all the goodies I received from my visit to the Polyvore HQ. I will be writing a post a little later on, in full, about my visit there and I have a tone of more photos too.

In total I got:

(First Photo)
- Polyvore Shirt
- Polyvore Blanket
- Polyvore Makeup Bag
- Polyvore Canvas Tote Bag
- Polyvore Stickers
- Polyvore Candal
- Polyvore Necklace
- Polyvore Moleskin

(Second Photo)
- Modcloth Scarf
- Reiss Hat
- Julip Nailpolish
- Ylang Bracelet
- ASOS Gift Card
- Neiman Marcus Gift Card
- Jolie Gift Card

(Third Photo)
- Bare Minerals Makeup Bag
- Bare Minerals Eye Shadow
- Bare Minerals Eye Shadow Brush
- Bare Minerals Blush
- Bare Minerals Mascara
- Bare Minerals Coverup
- Bare Minerals Lipstick
- Bare Minerals Lipgloss

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