Friday, November 15, 2013

How to Wear...

 So I'm going to be trying this new thing on my blog. I will be taking photos of my outfits and making sets of them on Polyvore and posting them here. Now, I'm not a model nor am I some skinny-minnie. I have thighs and a butt and everything else that comes with them so please don't expect me to be some super model. I will include only affordable items with the outfits so that you can go get the same outfit yourself or something like it. I'm not rich either so most of the clothes I get are from T.J.Maxx or stores like Forever 21. I will call these posts "How to Wear: _____ Edition" and I will post my first one either later today or tomorrow. Depends on how quickly I can get my set done (I have to be a work later so it might be tomorrow lol).

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