Sunday, June 16, 2013

Where the Padre never stops

I went to the coast this weekend with my family. I got to see my older sister who moved to Oklahoma with her new husband and their two kids. I haven't seen them for almost a year to it was really nice to hang out with them again. We all went down to Corpus Christi and South Padre. We stayed in some condos that were actually on Padre Island but they were still right next to Corpus. We got to fish right in our backyard and we were literally five minutes away from the beach. Here are some photos I took over the weekend.

 It has been stormy for the past week in San Antonio and it wasn't any different when we left. I snapped some photos of downtown SA while we drove by. In the first photo you can see the Tower of Americas in the background. The last photo is of the Alamodome where they host various events but mostly it's used for football games. We don't have NFL or AFL in San Antonio but UTSA has their own team.

 These were the Hibiscus flowers in front of the condo we stayed in. They were perfectly gorgeous.

 This was our "backyard" where we got to go fishing. My nephew caught a hermit crab out there!

 My nephew photo bombed this photo I was taking of the sun setting on the beach! Such a silly goose!

 That's the bridge that connects Padre Island to Corpus Christi.

Those kind of photos might be overrated to some but they were fun to take! I actually think they turned out really cool looking. I had fun at the coast but man did I get sunburn! That's what I get for being pale genetically, I guess.

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